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Because a 9mm takes 6 hits to stop someone while a .45 cal takes one. That recoil is a good indicator of stopping power.
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Pretty much that, 9mm goes a lot faster so it does better against body armor but unless you're some kind of VIP, nobody who can afford body armor is going to be breaking into your house, some people still prefer having more bullets in a magazine though.  .45 goes slower but makes big holes in people and because almost all factory .45 loads are subsonic, they work very well with suppressors, and some people will really go to that length for home defense so they don't have something that gives them hearing damage when something goes bump in the night and they can't reach for ear-pro.

1911s in particular have a few small quirks though that don't lend themselves to home defense.  They don't always feed hollowpoints well unless the barrel is modernized with a different ramp, and hollowpoints are more ideal for home defense because they do more soft tissue damage and are less likely to overpenetrate.  I've read that they don't like being fired at 90 or sometimes even 45-degree angles, it causes jamming and if you're firing around a corner this could potentially be a problem.  And the standard mags, because they're single-stack, are only 8 rounds, whereas a Glock 21(full-sized .45 Glock) will hold 13 in a standard magazine, a USP 45 will hold 12, a Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 will hold 10, and so on.  You don't need a lot of .45s for a single guy unless you're a bad shot and/or he's a bigger guy but if you have a few armed people at once in your house, you'll want all the bullets you can get in a single mag.

Makes me think about switching to a Glock 21 for HD when I eventually have to move into a shitty area because I can't afford to live anywhere else in this state.

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FN FNX .45 cal variant can carry 15 rounds in a mag if you like extra dakka. It's roughly the same size as a USP. Also, 9mm is not exactly much better than .45 at penetrating body, armor, the difference is too minimal to matter except if we're talking over pressurized rounds like the ones the Russian military use.
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There's a whole lot of crap talked about "stopping power".
IIRC .32ACP is still statistically the most effective round.

I still remember a story from the 'righteous shootings' page of Guns and Ammo from long ago.

Two morbidly obese trailer trash were in conflict over a girl, or perhaps, boy, or most likely dog.
They decided to duke it out like gentlemen, lets call them Tweedledum and Tweedledee as I can't remember their actual names.
So they went to their trailers to get their pieces and faced off.
Tweedledum let loose a full clip from his .45, Tweedledee fired a single shot from his .22.
Tweedledum collapsed with a bullet through the heart, Tweedledee took the bus to the hospital to have seven .45 slugs removed from his chest and gut.

I'm just glad I don't live in 'merica and this is probably the most serious crime I have to worry about. … 3741b430f7

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That link takes me to an article about revenge porn.
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Yes, and apparently I'm about 10,000 times more likely to suffer it than have to face an armed intruder.
Actually it may have happened already, I don't care really.

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You'd have to worry about getting into fights with morbidly obese rednecks if you lived in America?
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Is that not the leading cause of death and injury there?
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what kind of rifle should i get?
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