SuperJail Warden
So the attorney General lied about being in contact with the Russian ambassador. Meh. At this point I would be surprised if anyone in the Trump admin wasn't in contact with Russia.
SuperJail Warden
Kathy Watson was anxious about her health coverage even before she woke up gasping for breath last month and drove herself to the emergency room with a flare-up in her heart condition.

After struggling for years without insurance, the 55-year-old former small-business owner — who has battled diabetes, high blood pressure and two cancers —  credits Obamacare with saving her life.

Watson also voted for Donald Trump, believing the businessman would bring change. She dismissed his campaign pledges to scrap the Affordable Care Act as bluster.

Now, as she watches the new president push to kill the law that provided her with a critical lifeline, Watson finds herself among many Trump supporters who must reconcile their votes with worries about the future of their healthcare.

“I’ve been through enough,” Watson said recently, sitting on the patio outside her mobile home, down a sandy road in a rural corner of northern Florida. “I don’t want to go back.” … story.html

oh oh you are probably going to die.

Can't say I feel bad for her. She brought this on herself. I bet you even if Trump takes away her healthcare, she will still vote for him in 202. Unless she died of course.
dumb cunt.
she could have fixed her diet, got into jogging, joined a gym – anything
instead she voted for trump: the white blood cell to her societal infection.

she deserves to die. she's dumb as fuck. she's an insult to democracy. democracy is for people who can think.
The X stands for
+1,590|3514|eXtreme to the max
If she was fat and old and sick and voted Trump then bad luck.

For her sake I hope Trump cancels healthcare and brings in compulsory euthanasia for signed up Republicans - its what they want and need.
Your virus system is infected with windows. Please to be giving me your credit card details urgently
SuperJail Warden
Trump supporter tries to pick fight at Berkeley protest and gets paper sprayed for it. lol … 6111428608
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Trump claiming that Obama ordered illegal wire taps.

He's forcing the FBI to now admit either they've found dirt on him and Russia. Or that they have nothing but were investigating. Or that Trump is full of shit.

I really love these 3am tweets.  Never boring haha.

"coz you a far cry from acclaim nigga ubisoft"
SuperJail Warden

That's funny. He won't even look at her. Big departure from her last relationship with a Republican president

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