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Or they could be atheists, nothing complex there.
being atheist in the middle east as a recourse out of discrimination wow do i have a few surprises for you.

most christians in the middle-east who have received the brunt of hate and discrimination are just basically ethnic christians ... it's part of their deep cultural identity and traditions. would you blame a church of england christian for having their homes forcibly evacuated? it's their fault for getting their children baptised, marrying their daughters in the local village church, showing up to a fete every now and then? think a little harder dilderp. most copts are not exactly fringe extremists.

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The deeper we get into the Trump presidency, the more I am probably going to come to hate evangelical protestants. Not all Christians just those. Catholics, Mormons, Mainline Protestants, Anglicans, and even Orthodox are still all fine. I really resent how moralizing evangelicals have been all these years but then turn around and support super capitalist degenerates for leadership. I honestly rather deal with Muslims than them. At least they follow through with their religion.
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They are the most brain-dead of the Christians. Enjoy having your tax dollars sent to Israel and your soldiers to fight for it, again.
The second coming must be around the corner.
Any day now.
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