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Operation Peacekeeper v0.32 Patch Released
Operation Peacekeeper released a new patch today fixing the compatibility issue with the BF2 1.5 patch.


Hello OPK-Fans,

today finally the promised patch for BF 1.5 will come. It has took us longer than we wished but this should not brake the gaming fun.

We hoped to release the patch within 5 days after the 1.5 patch, what was not possible because of different problems. But enough for the trouble now. We are happy that we made it and that we can produce new content from now on for the next Version.

You can install the Patch on both the 0.3 or the 0.31 Version!

Because of the MD5 Checksum we had to make a Clientpatch. Additionally we have added a few fixes, which enhance the balancing. That's the reason that the patch got a bit bigger, but it also rises the gameplay quality and fixes some CTD's whiche were caused by the 1.5 Patch.

We wish you much fun with OPK and of course your feedback is very imprtant for us so our communityforum is open for critics and wishes. Many thanks to the PM and mail writers of the last weeks.


Download NOW! (150 MB)
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new version is coming v0.42

Operation Peacekeeper is a modern warfare modification for the popular game Battlefield 2, based on a fictional development of the Kosovo conflict.
OPK features three different sides - the german bundeswehr, the british royal army and the serbian vscg - engaging in the rough and mountainous terrain of Kosovo.

latest OPK version 0.42
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Over 7 years in development you know it's gotta be good.

"coz you a far cry from acclaim nigga ubisoft"
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Took me a bit to find a video newer than 5 years old. But just looking at it now is making me nostalgic for old school Battlefield.

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