I'm moving to Brazil

Flecco wrote:

K, still going to rape their screens though. Grammar Nazi style.
yeah Nazi style
fuck it
Automated Message: Hello BF frorum person! I needz ur pw so I can wank to ur private messagez with ur bf! This is Official so like gimme plz! This not a drillz! Need it immediately or ur computer might loose megahurtz! Just click Karma thingy and enter ur pants size in that formatz or forum might explode! Thiuz iz totallly serzious!
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Valve has taken a step to stop this
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kylef wrote:

Valve has taken a step to stop this
wow, that's awesome
Very nice, even so, I think there are still people who give their password away.
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Warning!: Idiots have resorted to a more phishing related site.

Not more than 10 minutes ago this came up:

I then followed the link and came to a more impressive site that just asks for the details:

Just giving all Steam users a heads up on BF2s.

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That's no place to put a mug.
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