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As a probe begins into the water crisis gripping Flint, Mich., a top investigator announced Tuesday that if officials are found to have been grossly negligent, they could face charges as serious as manslaughter.

“We’re here to investigate what possible crimes there are, anything [from] involuntary manslaughter or death that may have happened to some young person or old person because of this poisoning, to misconduct in office,” said Todd Flood, special counsel for the state attorney general’s office who is in charge of the investigation. “We take this very seriously.”

Since the city switched suppliers in April 2014, corrosive tap water has caused the level of lead in kids’ blood to soar and has sparked fears of permanent neurological damage. In some cases, the water has been so poisoned by lead that it qualified as “toxic waste.”

A spike in Legionnaires’ disease led to 10 deaths during the same time period, although it’s not clear whether the bacterial outbreak was linked to drinking the water, according to Mlive. … estigator/

It is like a third world country in flint right now. What a national embarrassment. I 100% support imprisoning the people responsible for this.
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Yes, but they made money, so who cares about the peoples health.
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pirana6 wrote:

Yes, but they made money, so who cares about the peoples health.
Who made money? Multiple government agencies caused this
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I was being jaded rather than posting actual facts. I have no data but I'm assuming somebody was supposed to change the pipes but decided not to cause it cost more than $10 and didn't hurt them directly so they ignored it at the cost of Flint lives.
Just ignore me.
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Does the US even qualify for first world problems anymore?
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They didn't cares about the peoples health

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