Anyone remember this game? It came right when I found out about BF1942 and played it til BF2 came out in 2006.

Got a server up for v1.21 if anyone still has it

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never heard of it
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Last I checked on that game was like 3 years ago. It had around 20 populated servers. 1942 had more.
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Was this an expansion pack for bf2?

I only ever played special forces.

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i liked loading creedence clearwater revival sounds into the jeeps
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This game had the best class system, which was the basis for the 2142 class system.
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There was an official mod by DICE which ported some Pacific theatre maps from BF 1942 to the BFV engine.
A third party mod team later converted the rest. … dification … &id=76

Thought one of the voices sounded like Seinfeld screaming.

Used to play POE mod almost as much as core game.

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